Reaching a Constant State of Improvement

Reaching a Constant State of Improvement
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How to Build Confidence Within Yourself & Your Team

An Episode of The Supermanagers Podcast from with Carly Brantz

Interview with Carly Brantz, CMO at DigitalOcean |
On episode 107, Carly Brantz shares how she created connections in a scaling company and why curiosity is important in management.

Your first mistake as a manager?

Avoiding conflict. Let things when going too long.
Successful team building?

Anything outside the office. Make connections on a personal level.


Stay curious about management.
Building a network and doing any training that will help you grow.
Build trust by delegating some of the tasks you have.
Let people see you as a person and connect with everyone.
Stay approachable.
Strength test, do it as a team and know who to count on in your weakness.
Having a growth mindset (Think of feedback as new opportunities to grow)
Allow people to spend more time on their strengths.

Final Advice? the happiness lab podcasts [Link]

Tools to check

Gatheround — Crack the culture code
Facilitate must-haves like regular team bonding, new hire onboarding, peer learning, and more.


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