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Supermanagers - Running Remote Teams: Applying the Hierarchy of Communication to Even the Remote Playing Field (with Liam Martin, Co-Founder of Time Doctor and Running Remote) Distance bias can play a huge role in hybrid offices. So, what is the cheat code to hybrid? All management should be fully remote. Liam Martin is the Co-Founder of Time Doctor an…
Applying the Hierarchy of Communication to Even the Remote Playing Field.
Liam Martin: The future is remote; hybrid won't work as we think it will.

What are the problems in hybrid working mode?

  • Hard to maintain fairness between the office and remote.
  • Non-documented conversions.
  • Distance Bias
Distance Bias: It’s when we prefer people or things closer in space or time than what’s farther away. Like many other cognitive biases, distance bias enables us to make decisions faster, but at the expense of getting the full picture.

How to Async?

Focus on Communication, Process, and Metrics.

How (Example Todos)?

  • Create centralized documentation.
  • Document everything not unique (Tip: anything you do more than three times.)
  • Take advantage of GitLab documentation.
  • Optimize people's time to do deep work and innovate.
  • Create a culture where information sharing between everyone are the same.
  • Write down how to do my job (non-unique tasks) to avoid being the blocker.
  • Have a red alerts channel for anything requiring immediate team attention.
  • Use Slack when there is no immediate answer required.
  • Remove Slack notifications.
  • No multi-tasking when doing calls, everyone needs to give 100% focus and engagement.
  • Give meeting agenda in advance.
  • Invest in Process Documentation Tools.

What are the benefits of hiring remotely?

  • Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Opening new markets and finding new talents.
  • Introvert people appreciate that.

What is the hierarchy of communication (From sync to async)?

  1. In-person
  2. Video calls (Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype)
  3. Audio calls
  4. Messages (Video, Audio, Text)
  5. Emails

Recommend Books

Get the running remote book for more information 
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