It never came to my mind that I would like to be a teacher until one day when CODED Academy approached me to co-create the entire Fullstack stream with other Arabic-speaking engineers, designers, and content creators.

This experience was new and exciting! I had to practice and work on some of the teacher's digital tools for the first time, such as audio quality, video editing, and screencasting, to create content on how to become a full stack engineer and join the market with very minimum to no-English knowledge.

The language condition was one of the hardest to prepare and work on due to some gaps in some vocabularies that we have in software engineering, which are mostly English. But that challenge was also a motivator to deliver such an essential track for non-English speakers to learn and grow on that path to get ready for the market and find jobs.

In the planning and preparation for the course, we had to create as much close to reality as possible; that's why we had a complete project (Arabic Netflix) to help students practice the entire project creation from the planning, backend, and frontend development and to include the most common team working methods such as scrum and Kanban. The goal was to replicate reality for students who have never worked before to prepare them for future jobs.

My role in this track was to create content for two main modules, the NodeJS (backend) and the agile (work with a team) modules. And now, while looking back on this experience, I feel FANTASTIC to see more than 100 students followed the course and had almost 5K views in total!

The course is online, and I highly recommend it to any new engineer or anyone who wants to learn and become a software engineer without needing to be good at English.

To check out the entire course, you can follow this link (Course in Arabic)


My First Teaching Experience