My Work

My Success is Helping Others Succeed ✅

What does that mean?

I started my career as a software engineer in 2010. Throughout the last 14 years, I have worked with many exceptional people and mentors. I am fortunate to have navigated three significant transformations in my experience and skills. Here they are:

Starting My Own Business 🧑‍💻

In 2011, I co-founded iaraby, a company that specializes in building technological mobile apps for smartphones. At the time, smartphones were gaining popularity, giving us a unique advantage. Being a founder required me to wear multiple hats, including human resources, software development, content creation, and operational management.

Going Global 🌍

Fast forward to 2017, I decided to explore new global markets and started working as an engineering team lead in Germany. This introduced me to new challenges, and I reframed my purpose from building code to building coders. I wanted to help engineers be successful, so I focused on becoming a successful leader for my team.

Remote Leadership 🚀

In 2020, the pandemic hit the world, and I underwent my third transformation, becoming one of the top remote engineering managers at Forto. This also made me one of the go-to references for remote leadership online, which was an outstanding achievement.

My Services

With those experiences in my pocket, I have a potent combination of 3 critical areas I love, and I'm willing to help you through them.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Remote Work

I offer training and coaching services to anyone seeking help in the above areas.

But does this sound very generic? No worries, you can read more in-depth about each training I offer on my Offered Trainings Page

Do you have any questions? Sure, you can reach out, and I have 2 ways to do so: Either use the Contact page to message me or book an introduction call right away, and let's discuss anything you have in mind (Booking Link:)